Freshmen Check List

   1) Meet with Ms. Branam to go over your 4-year high school plan.  If you want to change your endorsement- let her know!
   2 )Make a list of personal and academic goals.
   3) Get to know the teachers!  They will be writing letters of recommendation for you one day.
   4) Check out the websites of your “dream” colleges.  Find out the requirements for admission.
   5) Keep your file up to date!  Mrs. Branam has a file for you to keep record of awards, volunteer hours, etc.
   6) VOLUNTEER!  Not only are you contributing to the community, it looks great on scholarship and college applicaitons.
   7)Talk to your parents about where you want to go to college and how much money it will take to go there.
   8) Be active!  Join a club, sport or other extracurricular activity. Many times scholarships are offered for members.

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