Dual Credit

Bells High School takes pride in the dual credit classes that are offered through Grayson College.  Click the link below for information. 


Ms. Cavender, director of dual credit at Grayson College, will host a parent meeting in the spring at BHS.  All sophomores will fill out an application to Grayson College in early spring and the ones who meet the testing requirements will be allowed to enroll in the dual credit classes for junior year.  

At BHS, juniors are offered dual credit US History which is taught on our campus during the school day (currently 2nd period) by Mrs. Pam Neal, who is both a teacher here at BHS and a professor at Grayson College.  Seniors are offered face to face instruction in English Comp I, English Comp II, Government, and Economics at 7:30 am.  Juniors and seniors can also elect to take a number of online courses including psychology, sociology, speech, college algebra, statistics, art appreciation, and music appreciation.  

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