Counselor - Karri Branam

Karri Branam

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Mission Statement

Bells High School graduates will be intellectually and emotionally prepared to transition into adulthood with the skills to live healthy and productive lives while displaying strong character and responsible citizenship.  

Comprehensive Counseling Program

Bells High School incorporates the American School Counselor Association’s program that parallels of our academic mission. Comprehensive school counseling programs, driven by student data and based on standards in academic, career and personal/social development, promote and enhance the learning process for all students. The ASCA National Model:

ensures equitable access to a rigorous education for all students

identifies the knowledge and skills all students will acquire as a result of the K-12 comprehensive school counseling program

is delivered to all students in a systematic fashion Executive Summary

is based on data-driven decision making

is provided by a state-credentialed school counselor

The Counselor’s Role

Being a Bells High School alumni, I take pride in providing students with skills to be successful academically, personally, socially, and with their post graduate endeavors.  As a community member of Bells for the last several years, I am able to work to collaboratively to promote internet safety, prevent bullying, and encourage diversification. 


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